Michael Rosano, ASLA & Rocco Parente, Inc, Established in 1930 is a third generation multidisciplinary landscape design & installation firm serving Nassau & Suffolk Counties, and all of New York City. We provide all phases of landscape architectural services. Our mission, as award winning designers & builders, is to create exceptional spaces that give our clients unforgettable experiences. Each project is carefully studied and spatial designed to accommodate the specific program for each project, whether it's spatial design in the urban, institutional, playground, or residential environments, we approach each project with a very deep sense of ecological responsibility as designers of the land. We are a vibrant company that utilizes the latest design technologies and our extensive experience has given us knowledge to take any project from concept to completion while working with multiple facets of budgeting & time constraints. The importance of a collaborative effort between our clients and our team is the key to our company's success. We also work closely with other design professionals such as architects, interior designers, and civil engineers. The landscape is an extension of the architecture, therefore it is imperative that our designs fit with the project narrative.

Our team brings the design philosophy, passion, and creativity
on every project we undertake.

"The only limit to your garden is at the boundaries of your imagination."

- Thomas Church, Landscape Architect

Michael Rosano, ASLA


New York

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